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    Canvas Component Problem




      I am using canvas component  and in order to refresh my page every time I am using show attribute in the root instead of creation Complete.

      Thats working fine with all screens but in one Screen I am using canvas as the root and inside it I am using 4 canvas containers each of  which has many combos.In this case its restoring the previous values.Its not refreshing.


      Now I need to refresh the page And all the combo must display the prompt as Select a value.Though I have given  the prompt attribute its not working.

      Can Anyone Help Pls

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          Rdsingh Ldh

          Hi divya,



          If we use creation complete event in the root of the canvas then it works fine...........

          but I am unable to understand the use of "show" in the root tag of the canvas??

          I mean to say what is use "show" event in flex component

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            BhaskerChari Level 4

            Hi Divya,


            Do you have the canvas component placed inside a ViewStack or else did you place the component within the main Application without including in the ViewStack container.


            What about your other screens ...? You said for other screens show is working then where did you put those components...?


            Try to post some sample code reproducing your problem.




            Bhasker Chari