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    Dynamic color changing

    fleRavix Level 2


      I am working for an ad-agency project. They have an item in the website to sell. The item should be customized by different colors in the palatte..

      how can i do this in flex?

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          Rdsingh Ldh Level 1




          Once u have selected the color from the colorPicker then u will be able to get the hexvalue for that selected color.......... then using this hex value of the selected color u can change the color of the movieclip or sprite by using the


          ColorTransform property of the movieclip;


          mc.transform.colorTransform = hexvalue of the selected color



          This will solve ur problem and still if not......do let me know?

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            Madhav Subedi Level 4

            if you want to change the color of the swf object loaded in flex:



                      var newColour:ColorTransform = swfLoaderObject.transform.colorTransform;
                      newColour.color = colorPickerObject.selectedColor;
                      swfLoaderObject.transform.colorTransform = newColour;


            hope it helps