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    [FlexPMD] flexpmd.html report created with zero bytes [Plz help]


      hi folks,


      initially i integrated FlexPMD with Maven.


      when i tried to build it creates the following:


      two folders:

      * CSS --- contains css files

      * Images --- contains image files


      two files:

      flexpmd.html -- created with zero bytes

      pmd.xml -- it lists the violations.


      my pom.xml





      then i tried to integrate with Hudson, i configured this pmd.xml with hudson, its showing empty graph(see below)flexpmd.JPG


      could you tell me , why this flexpmd.html is generated with zero bytes and why i'm not able to see plotted graph


      i tried the following version 1.0.RC4,1.0.RC5 and 1.1. but these versions also creating empty html report and some versions not running under hudson.


      please provide the correct version and details to solve this issue.


      please help in this issue, no help except this forum... i googled already did nt get any help.


      correct me if i'm wrong.


      thanks in advance.