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    How do I get a form to redirect to a thank you page CS4


      I have the form working using the server

      provided script:

      <form method=post action="http://www.iinet.net.au/bin/mail">
      <input type=hidden name="destination" value="mailbox@some-domain.com">

      But the result on submission has the email going to the right place but I want to replace the host server standard page with my thankyou.php page.


      The host instructions (https://iihelp.iinet.net.au/Homepage_mail-handler_script#toc_3) refer to mailhandler fields - specifically

      ResultpageA URL to a page that the client should see once the form is completed. If omitted a standard page will appear saying the form has been submitted

      What is this and what is the script I need to add into my dreamweaver cs4 source code in the feedback page and where abouts do I insert it so I still get the email containing the form contents and the user gets a thankyou page?


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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Try this:


          <input type="hidden" name="Resultpage" value="thankyou.html" />
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            idiotsavant2011 Level 1

            Hi Bob


            No this did not work.


            I tested it first by pasting it immediately following the above script, then a second time at the bottom of the form immediately after the button script ie

            <input name="SUBMIT" type="submit" class="buttons_text" id="SUBMIT" value="xxMAILING LIST" onsubmit="this.disabled=true;" />


            both tests with the script inside the form.


            (I also tested the other script you emailed - same result

            <input type="hidden" name="good_url" value="thankyou.html" />)


            I have put my thankyou.html page under root.


            Properties box showed- the file name next to the lightning bolt (to be linked dynamically to a recordset).I did not link it to a record set on the basis that the form does what I want already (and I would probably be deeper into unknown than I want to be).


            I still get the


            The results of your form appear to have been posted to subscribe@some domain.com.au by iiNet's web service.

            Return to page


            I need the form to submit the email with the contents then once this is done show my thankyou page either a php or a html (I saved it as both) instead of this text above.


            I was wondering whether the script needs to follow the  onsubmit="this.disabled=true," something? something?=open the thankyou in same window as form? maybe when the button is disabled it then calls the page? ( the submit won't occur until the form is validated hence my reasoning that after onsubmit disable is where the action needs to be?



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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I had hit submit too soon when I originally sent that. That line needs to be used with a script supplied by www.tectite.com.


              I've had a great deal of success with their scripts. You might want to check it out.



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                idiotsavant2011 Level 1

                Hi Bob

                I downloaded the free DIY script but have no idea which bit I need to use to add to what I have made in Dreamweaver - it looks like this is an alternative form but I only need the piece of script to add to mine to onsubmitform call up a thankyou page.


                Apologies I don't code I dont even use dreamweaver other than this specific situation and I rely on the DW help which has me asking the forum for the script as anything outside of adobe instruction do a then be = c or cut and paste x in this spot to do Y is probably out of my depth.


                If I really knew what I was doing then the tectite site would be great but if their formmail has the capability as they describe below how do I get DreamWeaver forms to have the same redirect the user capability?


                Or am I expecting to much from DW? If DW cannot do this then I will accept that the server default page is it (as crude as it looks)- at least the end result is success.


                I do appreciate your time on this - Cheers


                below is extract from tectite site on Redirecting the User

                This How-To guide explains how to redirect the user to a custom URL after they've submitted your form.

                Redirecting the User

                All versions of FormMail display a default page to the user if you don't specify something else.

                There are two possible outcomes to a user's form submission:

                • Success; or,
                • Failure (I do not need this for DW as it is already validated before submit form)

                Static Pages

                In the case of a successful form submission, FormMail defaults to a generic "Thank you" page. In the case of a failed form submission, FormMail defaults to a generic error page.

                You can choose a different page by specifying a URL with "good_url" and "bad_url" fields, for success, and failure, respectively.

                Like this:

                <input type="hidden" name="good_url"    value="http://yoursite.com/thanks.htm" />
                <input type="hidden" name="bad_url"    value="http://yoursite.com/error.htm" />

                These are hidden fields that you add to your HTML form. You don't need to change the PHP code in FormMail to get redirection to work.

                Template Pages

                The "good_url" feature provides you with a static results page. If you'd like to show some of the information the user submitted, you can use a field called "good_template".

                To do this, you need to set the TEMPLATEDIR or TEMPLATEURL setting in FormMail's configuration. Also, download the Sample Good Template and read the instructions in there.

                There's a similar feature for error handling called "bad_template". However, error handling is more complicated so we've provided a separate HOW TO guide on Advanced Error Handling.

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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  This isn't a Dreamweaver issue. It's a learning curve issue. The worst thing you can do is try to learn Dreamweaver before you learn the basics of HTML and CSS.


                  FWIW, I figured out these scripts by paying for the first few. That way they're fully configured along with sample HTML to look at.


                  Then you can "reverse engineer" the whole thing.


                  Feel free to check out my site, www.theindesignguy.com and look at the code on the contact page. If you fill it out, you'll see the thank you page.


                  BTW. the address the form is sent to is mangled in the HTML code, which really cuts down on spam.