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    Creating web-service.

    backroom boy Level 1

      Hello. I have a pdf-form,which should be prefilled from a web-service.Form-service interaction implements through the script

      (var cURL="http://xxxxxx.com/wsdl/yyyyy.wsdl";

      var service = SOAP.connect(cURL);



      Is it possible to make a process in Workbench , which will be  functioning as web-service? And if it is, how to make this simple web-service,which will returning ,for example, a string to the from.

      P.S. I've only found the info about creating services in Coldfusion.


      Thx for help!

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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

          Every process you create in Workbench that have the Default Starpoints (big arrow at the beginning of the process) will give you a web

          service interface to invoke the process.


          Click on the start point and under properties, you'll see the WDSL to invoke it along with other methods of invocation (REST, EJB and remoting).



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            backroom boy Level 1

            I'm using Workbench 8.2 an there is no any big green arrows as default start point
            . I can only set an activity as a start point(little green arrow appears ) and i see no methods of invocation. Where can i find it?

            If i understand correctly, this service with be consist of start point and SetValue activity which will return string or xml . And thats all?


            Thanks for your reply.

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              Diana Densmore Level 3

              In LiveCycle ES, 3 endpoints are created automatically when a process is deployed:

              1. EJB

              2. SOAP

              3. Remoting


              In the Adminui, naviagte to Services->Applications and Services->Service Management and select your process.

              On the Endpoints tab, you will see the SOAP endpoint.

              Select that endpoint and you will see the WSDL URL.



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                backroom boy Level 1

                Thx, i guess i undestand how it works.