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    Wish To Use Flex 2 For My University Project

      Dear All

      I am a mature student studying a Computer Science Degree in the UK .

      For my final year project, I am creating a Stock Market Simulation with a Database back end (e.g. SQLite ?) and some kind of front end, both to be run a a stand-alone machine.

      I have a 28 weeks to design, build and run it for my supervisors. I would like to push myself academically by building the software using Flex 2, for the GUI and even to carry out any calculations or processing needed for the simulation to operate correctly.

      My questions are
      1) Is it possible to create the simulation as I can find no definitive way to connect Flex 2 directly to a database back end in a similar way to ADO.net?

      2) If it is possible which book do you recommend to get the best and quickest results out of Flex 2?

      Thanks In Advance