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    how to deal with different sized clips?




      There might be a super easy answer to this, but I'm a relative novice so please be gentle!


      I am using CS4, making up a movie in PAL (720 x 576), but the clips I am using were recorded on two different video cameras, one which created 720 x 576 files and one which recorded in HD creating 1920 x 1080 files.


      The result is that the HD files don't really fit in my final movie and there is a lot of focussing on crotches rather than faces!


      Is there a way that I can reduce the HD clips to 720 x 576 in size so they fit in the movie?


      Many thanks in advance

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          In Edit / Preferences, tick Default scale to frame size is by far the easiest, but cna only be done before you import any clip to the time line.


          For clips alsready on the time line, you can right click and select Scale to frame size.


          Third approach is to use motion / scale to reduce the size to around 47%.

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            moosecow3 Level 1

            Ah! Many thanks


            I tried selecting default scale to frame size in preferences, but it didn't seem to make any difference when I dragged clips into the time line.


            However, when I right clicked them and selected scale to frame size it did work - great stuff.


            Is motion / scale an effect, because I couldn't find this option?


            My only issue now is that, because the ratios are different, the HD clips have a black space at the top and bottom whilst the normal 720 x 576 clips fill the screen. I suspect there isn't really a way round this?


            thanks again

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              moosecow3 Level 1

              Ah - think I've solved it as best I can


              I found the motion effect - hadn't realised it was on by default - and changed the scale of the HD video so that height wise it fits perfectly. I'm happy to lose some of the width.


              It's a bit of a compromise, but at least it all runs together nicely now.


              Thanks again

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                For the fixed Effect>Motion>Scale (and Motion>Position), go to Window>Effects Control to open the Effects Control Panel, if not already open. In the Timeline, Select the Clip, and look at the fixed Effects. You want Motion and it can be twirled down to expose Scale and Position. Just make sure that CTI (Current Time Indicator w/ the red Edit Line) is placed at the beginning of the Clip, i.e. first Frame (this will just keep you from creating a Keyframe along the Clip, that might get jostled accidentally later), and then adjust the Scale, as is required. If necessary, do the same for Position. If you need to do this dynamically (changing over time) to create a Pan, then you will want Keyframes.


                Good luck,



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