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    Need Help with a OnClipEvent


      Here's my scenario. I am just getting into flash, but my learning has been very slow due to job, family, social life, etc. I had a friend that came across a template that he liked and he wanted me to edit the template to his liking. I agreed and everything is about 99% done as far as the flash goes (not the total website). But I came across and issue and I have no idea how to fix it.


      Here is the website: http://shaftrx.com/felix


      If you go to the navigation and click "shafts", then click on one of the manufacturers, it takes you to that manufacturer page where he will be selling the golf clubs. But once you are on that page, you can't click the "Shafts" button again to take you back, you simply have to click the "back" button.


      To me this is not a big deal, but to him, it is a huge deal.


      I have tried numerous things, but nothing has worked. If anyone has run across this, please chime in.


      Thanks in advance,