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    CS5 slow redraw Mac OS 10.5.8

    E Diane King Level 3

      I finally have my new CS5 suite installed as of last week and I've started shifting my work over to it over the last few days. But I've found it to be agonizingly slow to work in.  I can no longer just grab and resize and move objects quickly. The screen takes forever to catch up to me.  I grab and move something and after several seconds, the screen refreshes and I discover I grabbed the content instead of the frame and now I have nothing because the frame is empty and in the old location. So I undo and after several seconds the screen catches up and I then carefully grab the frame, waiting for the screen to show me the selected object so I know I have the frame instead of the content and then I drag and have to wait several seconds again for the screen to redraw because everything on the page disappears while I drag the object.


      I have my display settings set to typical but I'm getting the display reaction of the older versions of ID with High Quality selected on an overloaded system.  Is anyone else experiencing this insanely slow screen redraw?


      I'm sure the new content grab tool will be useful if my display would keep up with me, but right now it's a HUGE handicap because I can't see what I'm grabbing unless I slow WAY down to wait on the display.


      CS5 on Mac OS 10.5.8, 6 gigs of RAM, (I have CS3, 4 and 5 installed).

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Yes, the Live Screen Redraw seems to be designed for the next generation of computers ...


          Do what everyone else seems to be doing, and just switch it off: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/indesign/cs/using/WS6B91C6A9-435A-47b5-B3FE-06E24A560441.html (Thank ye gawds it's a preference!)

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            E Diane King Level 3

            I've set Live Screen Redraw to Never and set the object greeking to the middle of the bar and I'm still horribly slow at times.  It's not consistent, and I don't know what is causing it.  Select an object, wait one or two seconds for the screen to catch up, move it, wait, select another object, wait.  I've recently restarted my Mac, everything else is running fine on the computer--it's just Indesign that is so slow. Weird thing is that I'm working on a calendar, which will eventually be a massive file, but right now is only using comp images. If it's this slow with comps, I'm concerned about the performance when I put the full size art in there. I also have several documents open, but this has never been an issue for me before.


            I also have a two-screen workflow and have a lot of panels open on the my extra screen.  I know in the past that there have been particular panels that cause performance issues.  Anyone aware if that is the case with any particular panels in CS5?


            I'd like to get this issue taken care of because I'm currently the only one using CS5 in the office though we've purchased it for everyone.  The other designers are only going to put up with this for a minute or two and then they will go right back to CS3.  None of us have time to babysit this application.

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              roliver1969 Level 1

              I just installed CS5 on a brand new Windows 7 system and I am having similar problems. InDesign is painfully slow. It's slower than my previous CS2 setup on Windows Vista running a creaky Pentium 4. Turning off the Live Screen Redraw does nothing to help the problem.


              My new system specs are:


              Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

              Intel Core i5-750 quad-core processor [2.66GHz, 1MB L2 + 8MB shared L3 cache]
              6GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM
              750GB 7200 rpm SATA 3Gb/s hard drive
              512MB ATI Radeon HD 4350


              The system in general is fast and responsive, as are the other CS5 apps.

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                E Diane King Level 3

                I just had an idea/memory that may help. I have my pages panel on all the time.  I just remembered that showing thumbnails on the pages panel really slows down the program if you have a lot of complicated pages.  I just turned it off and we'll see if I notice an improvement.

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                  Same problems here too...

                  CS5 Indesign painfully slow...using PC with Intel Core 2CPU (original).....but recently upgraded to 4Gig of RAM, Windows 7 system, upgraded to 64 bit,

                  and it's just hopeless...!!!

                  My daily work requires me to be building broadsheet newspaper adverts with lots of CMYK files (say 30 photos per advert) in them..so my indesign files can be anywhere from 20 to 40MB...

                  Try zooming in..takes ages..

                  zoom back out  - takes ages, 

                  grab a decent part of the file to move it else where on the page  it takes ages to move it...


                  i click..it thinks..it reacts...ive fallen asleep


                  The company IT people are going nuts trying to figure this out...as i say they've upgraded my computer from Vista and 32bit to Windows 7 and 64 bit..and no improvement.

                  Has anyone figured this slowness out..or got any great ideas?



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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    Did you turn off Live Screen Drawing as suggested?

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                      I think until Adobe gets their act in gear, you're up a certain river. I'll tell you, this issue has got me reconsidering every single competitor to Adobe on the market. Because CS5 is a dog. Especially - no, maybe even exclusively because of - Indesign.


                      I'm using a Mac 10.6.4 - two months old, macbook pro with core i7 and 8 gigs of ram - ******** beast of a laptop, runs video editing seamlessly.Yet, indesign is slower than...anything. I can't even resize photo frames without a lag. I expected to be able to work in HQ display at all times, I can barely run typical display. It doesn't matter if its just one letter on the page, it lags.

                      I do not have the vocabulary to fully express my frustration at the lack of quality in CS5 indesign. It is SO slow, my old CS3 on a pentium II ran faster than this slug. Also, some of the new functionality tweaks are annoying as hell.Also, all calls to Adobe prove to be almost as frustrating as the program itself.



                      I'm thinking the only way anything happens is massive public outcry. Adobe sucks, pass it on.


                      I give CS5 indesign a


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                        hotmusiq12 Level 1

                        LOL... I have almost the same configuration as PhilTickleson minus the 8GB of ram which i'll soon be upgrading to; and Im seeing slow performance all across the board on Adobe CS5 software. Im spending ridiculous amounts of time watching the beach ball spin. My 5 month old Macbook Pro has a 500 GB HD with 323.87 GB of free space, I have a 2.66 GHz intel core i7 and running OSX 10.6.5. My mac cost me insane amounts of money not to include the cost of CS5, Final Cut, Microsoft Office and this dumb leather snap on case that forces my stupidly designed apple plug to cover the DSL and Firewire ports. Im so frustrated right now. All this time I suspected that I had a faulty HD and then las week my HD crashed and I had to take it in to Apple to get repair. Well 24hrs later I get her back and she's still slow as an ancient tortoise. I give up!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                          Dory Colbert Level 1

                          I've wasted several hours talking with Adobe support about this issue, trying this and that, most of which I'd already tried. After escalating my case, Adobe asked that I upload one of my 'trouble' files to them (they are all trouble in CS5). I did, and after a few days, I got a call back saying everything is PEACHY. No problems for Adobe.


                          I am running a OS 10.5.8 on a MacPro with 24 GB of RAM. Everything else in CS5 Master Suite, including the video editing applications, work fine and fast. But InDesign is a dog.


                          Now I am backsaving anything I created in InDesign CS5 and working again in CS4. What a rip off, as I upgraded to the Master Suite in Dec. I am primarily a print designer and CS5 is making me less productive, not more. And it cost me $1,000 to upgrade.


                          From what I've read in the Forums and online, the problems is all pervasive; Mac/Windows/OS variable. I've tried everything that is mentioned in the posts, all to no avail. If something like turning off page thumbnails improves redraw and repositioning speed in InDesign, it's so minor a change, I can't tell the difference.


                          Did anyone figure this out yet? Any help out there?

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                            Hilla the Killa

                            CS5 has been a total nightmare for me. Every since I've upgraded (more like downgraded) from CS3 my computer has become utterly worthless. It's become so bad that I am about to wipe my whole computer and try from scratch.


                            But from the sounds of it, it sounds like all of you are experiencing the same thing.


                            I was leary about upgrading to the CS5 and this just reassured that my hesitation was without warrant. Unfortunately, it seems like software companies like Adobe do not really care about putting out a product that works. They are more about putting out something that you have to buy regardless if does anything to make your work load any better.


                            WTF Adobe?!?!? Fix this dam program so that I'm not stuck at work all day trying to fix my damn computer. Geezzz....!!!!

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                              E Diane King Level 3

                              As far as I can tell, they didn't fix it, they just released a new .5 upgrade that you have to pay for. As much as I want the new epub features, I'm leary of spending more money especially when the last version was so bad. I've never figured out what causes the slowness, I've just learned to work around it, but I can say that I am probably less productive since upgrading to CS5. The speed benefit of some of the new features are counteracted by the overall snail pace of the program--not to mention the bugs that crash ID for seeming no reason. I seem to spend a quarter of my time troubleshooting bugs, recovering from crashes, or working around bugs/crashes just so I can get my job done. I've been a loyal user of ID since it's very first version when most pros were still idolizing Quark Xpress, but CS5 has made me very unhappy.

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                                Hilla the Killa Level 1

                                I just talked to one of my designers and he said at his old job, the system tech guy upgraded their OS to 10.6 and it fixed the problem of crashing all the time.


                                I'm going to try this and I'll let you know what the results are.



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                                  I'm glad to read I am not alone in my frustration with Indesign. I use a MBPro, 2.53gHz, 8gb and run CS5 Version 7, and it is soooooo freakin slow.


                                  I have visited a few forums and tried out their suggestions, but none of them work. Something that should only take me 15min to do ends up being close to an hour just waiting for the beach ball of death to appear then disappear with every move I make. It makes the simplest things the most cumbersome, time-consuming tasks.


                                  It seems to be whenever I open up documents that are image heavy. And if you have many hi-res images, well its like a death knell, really.


                                  And as someone also mentioned, it is very inconsistent. I find that when I boot up in the morning, the same files will be fine. No delay, no beachball of death, but as the day progresses it just slows down – and even tabbing through to the program doesn't bring it to the front either. I have to click on the file's crossbar to activate it. It's also the only Adobe program I have that crashes [continuously] when dealing with these image-heavy files. AND they're not neccesarily "large" image file sizes, just many of them. Plus as soon as you add drop shadows or embossing etc, it slows down again. What's the point in giving us those features if it is going to do that?


                                  Its maddening, espeically when you pay so much money to upgrade, and not because you want to upgrade. For myself, its a neccessity in case I get sent files created in a higher version than mine and I cant open it. I would rather less emphasis on all the bells & whistles that come with upgrades, and have a more proficient software that works better with its operating system, in this case Mac.


                                  I honestly think the people who develop Indesign think its only used for annual reports, magazine and documentation layout. Not image heavy posters, brochures, catalogues etc. And using it in 'Fast Display" is not an option as you need to see the images to integrate it with the layout.


                                  Phew! Got that off my chest, its been a few years brewing.


                                  Thanks and I hope Adobe people are reading and taking heed of their user's frustration.

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                                    Dory Colbert Level 1

                                    I thought this problem was over for me. I was having the same trouble until April 2011 when Adobe released a patch for InDesign 5 that seemed to take care of it. For a few months. Now it's back. I think I'll try updating my Mac OS to 10.6 and see if that helps, although other posts I've read about this problem indicate it doesn't help. Very frustrating. It's impossible to use CS 5 when it does this.


                                    I am back to my work around of exporting as .idml and reopening files in InDesign 4, where everything is working beautifully. If you don't have CS 4, though, you are stuck.


                                    I've been posting in other Adobe forums, outside of the Adobe mother ship, as I've been told by Adobe tech support that they never read these posts. Spent many hours on the phone with various support people from Adobe, to no avail. Just got to hear about the twenty-something life as an IT person in India, while waiting for uploads, restarts or whatever.


                                    I have 24 GB of RAM, btw. It's not RAM. It's a bug in the software.

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                                      Hilla the Killa Level 1

                                      Good News people... It seems like by upgrading to 10.6 it has help solve

                                      my problems (so far). Everything seems to be working like it should.

                                      There's a small hesitation as I begin to start to work but after it seems

                                      to smooth out and work as normal.


                                      I hope this helps somebody else out.



                                      Hilary Paige

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                                        meegee3572 Level 1

                                        Hi Everyone,


                                        I may of had a small breakthrough, I just tried removing all my fonts from my font book, except for the system fonts, restarted etc etc. And found that it has made a considerable difference even starting up. It still hangs a little with objects/text that have drop shadows, glows etc. (which I find ridiculous) but so far so good. I should have known really, throughout my career I have had IT people warn me how fonts can throw computers into disarray.


                                        So now I think I will go back to just loading up sets of fonts rather than my entire collection.


                                        Fingers crossed!

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                                          k money dizzle snuff

                                          WOW!!! closing the page panel worked!


                                          Thank you