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    .eps  "Can't Save Illustration. Can't Print Illustration."

    James Warcroft

      Quick background. . .

      Im a graphic artist and just built my new PC at work on Friday.

      On Monday I started installing everything, Windows 7, numerous programs, etc.

      I installed CS5 (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign) and, even though Ive only used Illustrator so far, it seems to be workign fine.


      When Ive finished a job I save it as a .eps so it can be opened in Roland Versaworks for printing.

      That was all workign fine, until this morning (Wednesday).

      Every time I try to save as a .eps I get the message "Can't save Illustration. Can't print Illustration."


      I did not shut down my PC Tuesday night, I leave my PC on overnight so I can jump straight back into things the next morning.

      Ive tried deleting my profile/properties folder, that didnt work.

      Ive uninstalled (and used the CS5 cleaner tool) then reinstalled twice today, that didnt work.

      Numerous restarts. That didnt work.


      All other formats (that I use and save as) work fine. Just cant save as an eps.

      I can open an eps, but if I try to save it I get tthe same message.



      Now. . .

      The only thing I did Tuesday afternoon was install Corel Draw X5.

      Could Corel have some how screwed with eps in some bazaar way?

      before I left work today I completely uninstalled Corel and CS5. I will reinstall CS5 tomorrow morning and see what happens.


      In the mean time. . . and suggestions?



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          I have just got a brand new cpu.  Win 7 pro 64 bit.

          Also Illustrator 5.1 and photoshop, acrobat and indesign 5.1. and I have the same problem.  Eps files just wont save.  I deleted the prefs files and nothing.  I created a new admin account and that fixed it for half an hour but now nothing.  I work in a sign shop and my rip sftware also versaworks cant  find cut lines unless I use the .eps format.  Just so were all clear, If I create a new document and leave it blank.  I still cant save as eps.


          Please help, not impressed buying new software and having it completely not work.


          Dickie D

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            I'm having the same issue. Just went from XP to Windows 7 on a new PC.

            Loaded CS5.


            Open .eps file I've already created and printed try to save to desktop (or anywhere else) and get the same "Can't Save Illustration. Can't Print Illustration"

            I can save as .ai and I can save as version3 or 8.


            Don't have a problem saving PS files as .eps.


            From the searching I've done online, it appears this is fairly common, yet I've not found the solution. I'm wondering if it's the windows 7 64 bit operating system?!?!

            Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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              rscott13 Level 1

              UPDATE: printer drivers were not installed on new pc, set print to pdf and works fine