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    Links from PDF files to HTML files




      I have a situation and I do not know how to solve it. Here is the situation :


      In our Web site, we have PDF files which include links from the PDF files to HTML files which are also in our site.  So, let say that someone in reading a PDF document in our site. In the document, it says for example : "For more information, click here".  This link brings the person to an HTML file in our site.


      But if we a move the HTML file (change the name of the file or the path), the PDF document will not "know it".  So the links will be broken.


      Is it possible to make sure that the links in the PDF documents will be updated when we makes changes to the HTML files? Is there a plugin we could install in Dreamweaver that would change the links in the PDF files. I make a seach but I did not find anything!


      Thanks for your help!