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    Crop Video Dimensions


      Hi. I am using Premiere Elements 8. I am wanting to crop the actual dimensions of a video I am working on...the video is of someone talking and is quiet narrow. I would like to be able to crop the video so all the extra on the sides is completely gone. I am putting this on my company's website and have a limited space where the video can go. I tried the crop tool but it just crops the video itself down, not the actual size that exports or the frame. Can this be done? Thanks.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Let's start at the beginning, as the method might come from something before Export/Share.


          What is your Project Preset (especially the Frame Size, say 720 x 480). What are the specs. of your source footage, and again especially the Frame Size (should match 100%).


          Then, what format and what specs. do you wish to Export to? Can your Web page's embedded player handle non-standard frame sizes?


          That will give us something to work with. There are few ways to Export/Share to non-standard Frame Sizes, but a few will allow this.


          Good luck, and thanks for that info,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Remember that cropping video is not like cropping a photo. You can't just trim away what you don't want and change the shape of the frame in the process.


            A video frame is, as Hunt says, a fixed size -- usually 720x480 pixels.


            If you change the Scale of your video -- essentially making larger so that it fills in the video frame -- that could make your video wider, if that's what you're looking for. The size of the frame doesn't change. The size of your video changes within it.


            The challenge there is that your video has a fixed resolution. And "blowing it out" by increasing the scale can also make it look fuzzy or pixelated.

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              LeslieBerry24 Level 1

              Hello. Thank you for your speedy reply.


              My presets are as follows:

              Project Presets: 720x480 (NTSC - Hard Disk, Flash Memory camcorder, Standard 48kHz)

              Source File: 704x480 (this was determined by File - Get Properties For)



              I would like to export the video as a .flv file so I can import into Flash and export as a .swf. I would like the file to be around 300 x 480. I know I can make the pasteboard size in Flash this size and then just move the video into the visible area as needed but I would like to have it exported at the correct size to begin with if possible.


              Thank you.


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                LeslieBerry24 Level 1

                Right, I don't want to scale the video - just want to cut off the extra stuff. But since the frame size is fixed, that answers my question. Thank you.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  I was hoping that you were going for FLV. While PrE does not let you Crop, you can alter the Aspect Ratio. In PrPro, you can Crop with FLV Export.


                  However, with FLV, you can Export to the vertical dimension that you need, and then Import that into a Project in Flash, with the Stage set to the dimensions that you need. You can then package and Export your SWF to the vertical Stage that you require. I have done this in Adobe Flash, and would also assume that some of the Moyea Flash editing applications (maybe others too?) can work with odd-sized Stages.


                  I've done "Sprites," which are often people walking and standing, with Transparency and Cropped to a strong vertical Aspect Ratio. These have been embedded in Web pages by the designers. Cannot tell you the exact steps that they used, but would assume just the SWF files.


                  Good luck,