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    How can I mask on flv file in flash cs4?

    learner_7n Level 1



      I am new to Flash CS4. I saw one video on how to use flv file in flash and mask it. It is working fine when I am using the following option while importing a video file to flash:


      Load external video with playback component


      But when I tried with the following option it doesn't show the background, it shows only movie which is playing nicely. But not the background which has a bill board.


      Embed FLV in SWF and play in timeline


      It seems the mask is not working with this option.


      How to solve this problem? Please help.


      Actually it should be like the above.


      But when I am using the option Embed FLV in SWF and play in timeline while importing the flv video, getting the result like below: It is not showing the Bill board as above.



      See the layers created: