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    Javascript: Data Merge and More..


      I am new to scripting so I need some basic pointers:


      We have a j2ee app that runs on a MySQL database and produces 50 or so variables that we are now planning to output into a csv. That csv will be data-merged with an Indesign template (one row creating one page) with the intent to produce 10,000 or so variable PDF pages for printing.


      I am told that 10,000 is a big number so we will need to batch it using a script into 200-500 or so.


      So can anyone point me to resources (javascript) to


      1. Select a template file (.indd), a data source (.csv) and perform the data merge in increments and go back and do it again and output numerous PDF binders that we can then bind together.


      I think if we can do this much then we can tackle other scripts like varying the font size if the name is too long for the text field etc later.


      Appreciate any assistance. This is my first time even thinking about scripting.