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    Spot Color Libraries - Values Changing??


      Spot Color Libraries - Values Changing??

      I created a spot color swatch library and wrote CMYK values underneath. I had another artist open the file and verify the spot colors were the correct values. They changed. I opened the file again on my computer and they were correct. I then had the artist change just one so it would be right on her computer. When I opened her newly saved file... the one she changed was correct but all other swatches were now reading wrong.


      We are both on CS3 and had color management off... not that that should matter since we are creating spot colors (we don't care about soft proofing at this point... I just want the values to read the same CMYK build when I click on the spot color in the library).


      The only difference I can think of is I'm on an old mac and she is on a Dual-Core Intel Xeon.


      Anyone else notice this???