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    Page breaks in RTF output field?

    paitkenhead Level 1

      I have a form in which the user can check a box, and if so, the various filled-in fields are composed into a Rich Text Format business letter beyond the end of everything else. It was tricky to make it work, but it does, and it performs satisfactorily.


      Now I want to make a modifcation in which there'a a mandatory page break at a certain point in the business letter. I tried to do this using the CSS2 page-break-before style element, in the paragraph tag that is supposed to begin the second page. It doesn't work. It just keeps going on the same page.


      The workaround would be to generate two Rich Text Format fields, one for before the page break, one after. I really want to get it working using page-break-before if I possibly can.


      Does anybody know if it is even possible?