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    Lag in FW while painting.


      I have had an issue with FW since I got my new computer. When I am using the paintbrush there is a really bad lag. When I click on an area to paint it, then I drag the brush to make a stroke the cursor keeps moving and painting even after I release the mouse button. it continues on in the same direction as if I were still holding the button down. This is not good.


      I am using FW in a CS3 web standard package. My new computer is a nice Alienware i7 system with 9g of ram, Nvidia 260 GTX, and Windows 7 64 bit. I guess the 64 bit Win7 may be the issue. I had read that CS3 was not officially supported by 64 bit OS's, but I have had no other major issues than this. I am looking at upgrading to CS5 soon. Does CS5 support 64 bit OS's?


      Anyway, does anyone have any idea how to fix this?