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    Adobe Contribute?

    RachStG Level 1

      I am have been using Creative Suite 3 for all of my applications, and recently discovered the "Contribute" program. (I would like to continue to create sites in Dreamweaver and allow limited access to my clients by using the Contribute software program.)


      Since I have CS3 versions of software, do I need to purchase the CS3 version on Contribute? (I am having trouble finding a seller for an unused version...)


      I would appreciate any help others have on this matter.




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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          My opinion:


          Contribute was an interesting and progressive solution back in 2002 when it was first launched.


          Today I think that buying separate software like Contribute on a 'per seat licence' basis is past its use-by date. Being chained to a single machine to update your website is unnecessary and inflexible. Most clients are reluctant to pay for extra software, especially when free alternatives exist. They also regard it as yet another thing they have to learn.


          If you recommend it to clients, you become their Helpdesk by default for every minor issue they encounter. I have one client who still emails me 7 years later with tiny issues related to his Contribute version 1.0. He's also a personal friend so I still help him out with it - often we nuke the connection key and start again.


          I think the way to go these days is browser-based CMS (Content Management Systems). They're available to anyone with a browser and an internet connection, updates are automatic and they're either free or cost a modest monthly fee.


          Try CushyCMS http://www.cushycms.com/ as a starting point.


          There are plenty of others and everyone has their favourites.

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            Paevo Kelley Level 2

            7 years!!!


            Yes, Contribute is a pain in the butt. I've offered it to clients, but they don't even use it (thankfully)...