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    16 x 9 anamorphic or letterbox?

    Intercostal Level 1

      From CS3 I rendered out a short film to DVD at 16:9,   29.97,   NTSC.....


      The original files in Premiere files are 1920 x 1080 so I can still render it to Blu-Ray.


      My question relates to some film festivals projecting the movie from Digitbeta and Beta SP, which I assume I can somehow transfer to.


      However, they ask the Digital Aspect Ratio. ....16x9 (letterbox) or 16x9 (anamorphic).



      Since my original files are widescreen 16x 9, which would the digital aspect ratio be, letterbox or anamorphic?




      Near the top, on the right hand side, is where they specify the aspect ratio:  http://www.sdff.org/pdf/SDFF.%202010.%20Entry%20Form.pdf