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    Poor image quality when viewing PDFs in Digital Editions


      I recently bought a digital copy of a book in the .acsm file format.  The site I bought it from recommended using Digital Editions.  I am on a mac, OS X 10.6.3.  When viewing this book, there are various screen shots that are essentially illegible in the single or double page format.  If I use the zoom feature they become more legible but still of low quality.  At first I thought it was the ebook I bought but I think it's Digital Editions, actually.  As a test I opened a plain 'ol PDF in Preview that had some screenshots in it - and those looked good.  Viewing the same PDF in Digital Editions though, the images were again of low quality.


      Digital Editions doesn't seem to have preferences (like most OS X apps) that might allow me to tweak this.  Is there something that can be changed in terms of settings to make the images clearer?


      Also, as an aside, Digital Editions on the Mac seems to have some delay when I try to copy things from the text.   I have to hold the command + c keys longer than I would otherwise in order to get the highlighted text to be copied.