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    DW CS5 forgets site username and password

    JoeLowery Level 2

      I know this was a pretty big issue back in Dreamweaver 8, but I was surprised to see it happening in the new release. After installing, I started to upload a file on one of my current sites and got a "Can't connect" error. Turns out both the username and password fields in the remote server definition were gone. This keeps happening over and over again, with multiple sites. I put in the details, close DW, reopen and the username/password are gone. Maddening. My recovery technique is to import the stored site definition, delete the original site def (which is now duplicated) and then rename the new site to match the old one. Doing this once is fine... 15 times in the last couple of days is redonkilus.


      Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have a solution?


      Best - Joe


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