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    PP CS5 - preview vs. H.264 export


      Hi all,


      I'm editing files from a Canon EOS 5D Mark II in Premiere Pro CS5. I added some video-effects to the clips, like "Levels", "Curves" and "Brightness and Contrast" and the preview changes according to my adjustments. So far, so good.


      But when I export the sequence as a quicktime file with H.264 codec (Quality: 100, no bitrate restriction), the .mov-file played in Quicktime/VLC does not look like the preview I got in Premiere Pro.


      Here are two samples (Premiere Pro preview on the right, .mov-file opened in quicktime on the left):







      How can I export my files with H.264 (or with a codec with comparable resulting filesize and "quality") and still get the look I see in the preview inside Premiere Pro?



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I personally would recommend removing QT from your system altogether and exporting to an AVI or MP4 container.

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            Tayedrummer Level 1

            Try this work around: http://www.videocopilot.net/blog/2008/06/fix-quicktime-gamma-shift/


            When exporting quicktimes I've always had that gamma shift as well.  When exporting as flash video I've always had smaller file sizes and better quality video that play back instantly on an platform with very little fiddling around.  I'm not finding Steve Jobs' anti-Adobe video arguments very convincing.

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              singurr Level 1

              I've tried several different codecs/wrappers and I get the best result when exporting it as flash video (.f4v), just like you say.


              Opening the .f4v with Adobe Media Player gives me the desired output (correct colors, video running smooth), but only in Windows (Win 7).


              When I open the .f4v file with the Adobe Media Player in Mac (Mac OS X 10.5.8), the video barely changes pictures and the music is completely messed up (starting way to early, and not even at the beginning of the song).

              Opening the .f4v file with Quicktime in Mac gives me moving pictures, but the sound still is a bit weird (like it is being played behind a running fan).




              Isn't there any easy way of just exporting the video to an OS-indepentent format which just looks like the preview?



              (I've also tried the quicktime workaround, but that does not really give me the desired results.)