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    Play media files from Win 7 Media Player(DLNA server)




      I made an AIR Application by using NetStream, NetConnection and Video object to  play mp4
      files which are stored in a web server using http.


      The web server is on Win 7 OS and I use the WMP 12 as DLNA server to provide the media data.


      But the problem is I keep getting the error message , such as "NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound".

      If I change the same code to a flash project not AIR project , it works fine without any error.


      I thought it wasn't a security problem , because I run the AIR locally at Win 7 and got the same

      error message.


      I am not sure where to start for debugging this issue.  The fact that VLC also can retrieve the file.



      The file url is something like

      "http://***.***.***.***/WMPNSSv4/3577400942/e0NBNEVGM0EyLTk2RDUtNEE1Ri05QTM2LUI0MzUzMkY0QUU 4NX0uMC40.mp4"