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    Check out our new client website




      I just built this site for a client with dreamweaver cs4 and zen cart. Check it out - Air Jordan


      Let me know your honest thoughts and how I can make it better.






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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          A couple things jump out at me.  First the FAQ link appearing underneath the Air Jordan link just feels really out of place in Safari and Chrome.  Firefox seems to be allowing for more width there.  Probably not more than a few pixels off.


          The British flag seems really out of place there.  I understand the language purpose, but with no other languages it serves no purposes.


          The contact form feels a little plain.  I think they could use a drop-down for topics.  It would help the client sort the mail. 


          The menu feels a little long.  And seeing the "Air Jordan" text repeated over and over made me wonder for a minute if I was actually scrolling on the page.  I don't know what I would do here but it just seems to scroll for awhile because the text is repeated.


          For your information I tested with the following:


          OSX 10.6.3

          Safari 4.0.5

          Firefox 3.6.3

          Chrome 5.0.375.55

          1440x900 resolution

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            M.R.Biesheuvel Level 3

            I only viewed it in Firefox.


            I like the site, its clean simple and does wath it does. But as already mentioned the contact form looks a litle empty. My personal opinion is that a page about the company self wouldn't harm either...