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    Printing Question


      hello everyone, i am new to this forum and i hope to be able to learn from everyone.

      my question is: i have a extremely slow printer and it takes quite some time to print high-resolution images from a file.

      if i have a 12pp brochure that i need to print for a mockup is there a preference or command in Illustrator CS5 that allows me to print in low-resolution?


      thanks for reading this...

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          John Danek Level 4

          Not sure if you are using a software RIP or not, but high resolution files will use system RAM and hard disk scratch resources.  So, the more RAM your CPU has, along with the printer itself, the better.  Your printer should have a large hard disk of its own to spool the file.  You could build a low res version of the file ( a copy ) which has appropriate image resolution ( 100 - 144 ppi ).  Or, you could use Acrobat's Distiller and create a low res PDF.  Either option will use less system resources and will speed up the process a bit.  Unfortunately, Illustrator does not have an automated way to select low res as a print option.  The only choice is to print to PDF and select a medium res ( 150ppi/600dpi ) if you do not have Distiller ( Acrobat Pro ).

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            urbanpooch Level 1

            hi john, thanks for the info. yes i do know it would print faster if i converted them to low-res pdfs but i thought i've come across a software (maybe freehand) that would allow printing in low-resolution. perhaps i could be wrong but that's just a thought. it would surely save me plenty of time.