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    GTX 470 - ya or na?!?


      I know there are quite a few topics on ths and from reading in various of places I didnt really get any soild answers. Or is it still to early to tell?!? Since im tihnking longterm.


      I have to buy a new card tmrw for my system and I jst need a straigth aswer if the GTX 470 GTX good to go? Or should i wait to see if adobe approves it?


      Seems liek the 480 is getting more in favour for. Go with the GTX 285 or the 470 will do fine?


      any ideas?



      Im running:


      win 7 64bit

      Q9500 overclock'd

      raid 0 setup

      8 gig ram

      graphic card -  pending

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          Eric Addison User Group Manager

          I just got this card, and so far it's been great...I'd say go for it!

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            Sjokomelk Level 2

            Depends, what is your primary use?


            If your primary use of the computer is to do video editing, I would probably either wait a little bit and wait to see if it becomes officially supported or buy a card which is supported right now.


            If your computer primarily serves as a gaming rig, with video editing done now and then, well the 470/480 card is good for that, and the missing CUDA support in Premiere Pro CS5 will probably not be bothering you that much.


            I mean that card is CUDA ready, so it might be added as a supported card in the future, but it's not a guarantee. So you can choose to bet on a safe horse (current supported cards) or bet one something that might or might not be supported.

            That's your choice.