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    Flex 4 Two way binding with itemRenderer in DataGrid

    FM_Flame Level 1

      As topic says.. I just couldn't make this work...


      Here is the example link: http://www.nedyalkov.net/filip/datagrid/


      The initial values of the selectedIndex of the dropdownlist seems to be correct, but when you select for example Park-Sea and move the mouse away and click anywhere the selectedIndex goes to 0 always (park is selected). I also put a button to check what's going on with the dataprovider of the datagrid and I saw: Initially I have for the second apartment selectedIndex=1 ---->>> I try to change it selecting park-sea (index 2) ---->>> I click somewhere on the screen the dropdownlist gets selectedIndex=0 ---->>> I Click the button I see that my dataprovider arraycollection has been changed and on both apartments the location value is 0.


      I haven't event set @ before {data.location} to allow two way binding but it does happen and I don't know why it happens wrong and choosing any item from the dropdownlists sets only the first index. Please help Thanks.