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    Flex 4 Spark VideoDisplay in Popup causes memory leak

    yet another ben



      I'm currently building an air app with FB 4.


      I have a custom control that contains a VideoDisplay control, and  which loaded using the PopupManager.

      Using the profiler, i've noticed that every time the my popup is  loaded the memory for it gets allocated, but when it's closed the memory  is never recovered.


      There's nothing else holding a reference to the popup. And if I don't  set the source of the VideoDisplay object, then there is no leak - but  as soon as the source is set I get a leak.


      I can't see any method to force close the stream or anything on the  spark VideoDisplay control.

      Any idea or suggestions?


      I have tried setting the source to null before  closing the popup but that doesn't change anything.

      Also, I'm not holding any event listener to the video


      EDIT: It doesn't happen if I replace the spark VideoDisplay with an mx VideoDisplay. Bug in the spark component?