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    some topics don't display on Search tab when they should

    Laura Sala
      I'm using Robohelp 6, generating RoboHTML help. Certain topics--it seems to be topics i've created recently--don't show when i search for them on the Search tab of the .chm file. Yet, these same topics show up in the Index and TOC. For example, I have several topics with the term "Paylocity" in the topic title and in the topic text. But on the search tab, if I type Paylocity, i get "no topics found." But I can find all the Paylocity topics in the TOC, and if I type Paylocity in the index, the topics display, as expected, since I set up an index entry for Paylocity.
      Just for kicks, i generated a Webhelp file for the same project, and Io and behold, all the topics containing the term "Paylocity" display (and other topics I've created recently that also aren't displaying on the search tab of the .chm file show up in the Webhelp file). Thus, the problem is only occuring in the .chm file.

      Thanks in advance.