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    Unable to join Shared Review


      I've been using Shared Reviews for almost four years and have become quite the expert in resolving issues that my coworkers encounter. Though I've come across an issue that I'm stumped on. On very rare occassion, I'll access a Shared Review from my home PC. This hasn't been problematic until recently. My Adobe Reader 9 doesn't seem to be logging me in after I enter my credentials in the Remote Service Authentication prompt. The PDF loads, the review details window appears, but the Remote Service Authentication prompt just reappears and reappers after I enter my credentials. Eventually I'll click Cancel at the prompt, and Reader freezes up, forcing me to stop the app (as well as the Synchronizer) by closing it in the Task Manager.


      I know it's not an issue with my credentials, as they work fine in the office as well as at a friend's home PC. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with one of the Reader patches I installed (I've installed several since I last successfully joined a review on the affected PC), or if it has something to do with a new security app I installed (Norton 360). But it also might be something else that I can't think of.


      Any ideas?