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    Drag/Drop TileList with scrollbar causes overwritten/duplicate data.

      Has anyone seen this before or have any suggestions for a work around?

      I've been experiencing a problem with the drag and drop enabled TileList and HorizontalList. Here is how to replicate the situation:

      1. There are 4 TileList's.
      2. One TileList contains 20 items, 4 columns by 5 columns.
      3. The other 3 TileLists have only one row.
      4. The user puts all of the items in one TileList.
      5. The user quickly drags and drops the other items moving them back and forth between the 3 (not the original) TileList.
      6. Duplicates appear in the TileLists ( depends on how fast you drag and drop )

      The duplicates appear to be overwriting the other values because in the end there are still only 20 items. The weird thing is that when I disable the scrollbars in the 3 smaller TileLists, this error doesn't occur.

      Could this be a bug in the caculateDropIndex(DropEvent) method?

      I get this error message after these duplicates have been created sometimes: Cannot remove when current is beforeFirst or afterLast

      Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is driving me nuts!