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    Help|Having trouble with Tutorial


      This is really urgent..it's for a birthday and it's tomorrow..
      Anyways I found a gallery tutorial and I didnt have enough time to follow
      it so I just downloaded the FLA file and I tried to edit it but I only edited
      half of it which was easy but the other part wasnt.
      Here is that tutorial:
      http://www.tutorialized.com/view/tut...-Gallery/26396 (I suggest you download too in order to help me XD)
      After I downloaded the FLA file I changed the little images into the once I want..but here is that hard part..I cant change the big images..so whenever I press the small once the originial big image appears instead of the ones I want..
      If someone knows how can I do that..I will thankful! It is very urgent.

      Hope I was clear.