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    When to use what project type?




      I am kind of baffled by the use of Flash Project in Flash Builder 4.


      Flex Project is for build RIA\Flex applications with a design view available for creating the GUI.


      ActionScript projects allow you to program\debug AS3 code and only when you run the application you get a visual feedback.


      1) But when will I want to use Flash Projects?




      The reason I am asking is that I have a project that currently works by running a main swf file that in turn loads additional swf files (Sorry I can't show you a demo), switching the loaded swf every 30 seconds.


      I am leaning to use a Flash Project to manage my project. On the other hand, I could move the entire project to Flex and implement the different swfs as different states of the GUI.


      2) What do you think?



      Thanks for your help and feedbacks.