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    click to open the mail app

    alvanh Level 1

      I don't see the very simple action on click open mail app with the good adress in it.


      Don't tell me I can't do that! Or don't tell me I have to touch a action script.


      <How could I do that.


      thank you

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          I think you mean you want people to "click here" & then their email pops up with a new compose window addressed to your email?

          simple, click the writing that says "click me" or "myname@email.com" or whatever you want and then go to the "convert artwork into component" & click "Button". So now that it's a button, for the over I turn it into a different colour text and for down I make it a different colour text so ppl will know it's a link. Next, click "Add Interaction" & put "on click" then "go to URL" & then you can type a URL. Then type the URL as " mailto:myname@email.com " but of course with your email.


          Now when I do that, it works fine & dandy but it also pulls up a blank page as well.... if you know how to get rid of that page, that would be great!

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            alvanh Level 1

            dear sylvie


            Thank you for your help. Yes it's working find and I can reply to your question, you have to check the option "open in top window" an the mail app open witout openig something else.

            In this chapter do you know some "hiding possibilities" like mailto: who can help to extend possibilities of catalyst?


            THANK YOU