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    Scrolling Image problems - Jittery?

    omar m m



      I have made a scrolling picture slide show of  sorts, but have an issue with it. It is made up of 20 images and scrolls  from left to right. It doesn't have any mouse over functions and is  just for visual. I made a movie clip made up of all the pictures and  added a motion tween  (self running).


      Then I made another instance of the same movie  clip and added it to the end of the first so the images repeat.   The problem I'm having is that each of the images inside the movie clip  have some sort of "jitter" on them and they don't scroll across  smoothly.


      I don't have any action script in the file other then telling  it to go to a certain frame to repeat.   If anyone has any ideas on how to "smooth out" the animation it would be  greatly appreciated.   Also its set at 30 FPS