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    i keep getting /images/images/




      So whenever I "put" my pages up,

      on one page, the image src reads


      and it works just fine...


      but when I upload another page without the first slash


      that one suddenly changes to


      and thus the image won't show up on the webpage...

      but it will show up in the dreamweaver viewer...


      if I add the slash to the beginning of the "images/example.jpg"

      like... "/images/example.jpg" then it shows up in the browser,

      but suddenly it become broken in dreamweaver...


      but its the reverse for the first example... I hope that makes sense..

      is there a reason that the image link without the slash would

      make my site think it should be "images/images/example.jpg" in one case,

      but in the other, "images/subfolder/example.jpg" works just fine?


      its sooo frustrating!


      could it have anything to do with the folder I have it in on my computer?

      or is it something entirely different..?


      Thank you in advance!!!!!!!!