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    "state limit reached" you can only create 20 pages!?


      Hi all,


      i'm using flash catalyst for a project and i'm simply loving it. However I have bumbed into something I did not expect. When I try to create a new state it gives an error:


      "state limit reached" you can only create 20 application or componnent states at this level.


      Now this is really a bummer because the site has more then 20 pages... I really don't understand why adobe put this limit in and I would like to know if there's a work arround?




      Live link site:

      http://hotel-interieur.nl/site/Main.html (I know about the site's size a developer will have to fix that.)


      availible on request.


      Now I found that I could create a custom component for each "page" of the site and include all it's sub-pages there, but this would mean I would lose all transitions and effects! or in other words: have to rebuild the whole site, there's got to be a better way...