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    hosting problem

    iconofsin14 Level 1

      I have been asked to re-design a company website


      the problem is the already have a website

      but they have lost contact with the designer


      I do not know who the host is (i used tracert on the URL to get a host so i think i know but i am not certain)

      in any case i dont know the username and password and have no way to get these


      So i cant get rid of the old site

      and the domain name is taken (obviosuly they want to keep the same web adress)


      how do u solve this?

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          cdeatherage Level 3

          Obviously, someone at the company -- your client -- will need to verify who the host provider is and either obtain the information you need (username,  FTP address, passwords, etc.) or introduce you to that host provider with the instruction to share information directly with you. Even if your contact at the company doesn't know who the host provider is, someone in accounting will as that department is the one paying the bills. (And as long as the website is live, the hosting bills are getting paid.)


          If the domain name is registered through party other than the host provider, then a similar proceedure can be followed to allow you access to the account in the event you need to switch host providers. As I am sure you are aware, you can find out this information by doing a WHOIS lookup.


          Good luck. I'm sure you'll give the client a great re-design.