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    changing the formatting of a number






      working javascript CS4 with number with a lot of numbers behind the decimal isn't easy.

      But i can't find anything how can change this...


      ex: 12,248481545454 should be 12,25...



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          Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

          var number = 12.248481545454;

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            Shonkyin Level 3

            var number = 12.248481545454;


            Result of above code comes 12.24


            But if you want 12.25 then use below code


            var number = 12.248481545454;
            alert(roundToDP (number ,2))
            function roundToDP (val,dig)
                 // Including all its zeros, lopping off beyond:
                 val = Math.round(val*Math.pow(10,dig));
                 // Force in decimal point at the right place:
                 val = String(val);
               //  return val.slice(0,val.length-dig)+"."+val.slice(dig);
                 return val.slice(0,val.length-dig)+"."+val.slice(val.length-dig);




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              Harbs. Level 6



              And I would have done:

              var number = Math.round(12.248481545454*100)/100;


              Or in function form:


              var number = RoundWithDecimal(12.248481545454,2);
              function RoundWithDecimal(number,decimals){
                  var multiplier = Math.pow(10,decimals);
                  return Math.round(number*multiplier)/multiplier;