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    Importing VOB files into PPro CS5

    SJurick Level 1

      I have a project where I need to import some clips from a DVD.  I have ripped the DVD using DVD Shrink and have imported the VOB files into Premiere.  The problem is that my audio is slightly off at different places in the clips.  If I unlink the audio from the video and slide the audio to match the video in one place, it screws it up in another place.  My sequence is 720x480 widescreen NTSC 29.97.  So is it the 30 FPS on the DVD VOB files vs. 29.97 in my timeline that's causing the out-of-sync or something else?  How do I fix this?



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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I wonder if it is DVD Shrink, Why did you use that?  Just copy your vob files off the DVD.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            If the DVD's are 100% DVD-compliant, you should be able to just Import the VOB's (Copy to the internal HDD first, and do not try to work from the DVD disc).


            OOS issues seem common with VOB's (well, actually the muxed MPEG-2's contained in the VOB). There are two allowed primary Audio streams, DD AC3 and PCM/WAV. The latter seems less problematic.


            This ARTICLE will give you more background on VOB's, and this ARTICLE will give you tips on OOS issues.


            I agree with Bill that the ripping software is a likely suspect.


            Good luck,



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              tnsprin Level 1

              I experienced similar sync problems with some of my personal DVD VOB even when I switched back the files to MPEG.  When the audio and video are seperated the length of the audio changes slightly and are off significantly at the end of the two clips.  Wish they stayed in sync correctly as for now I have had to split up the video a bit the material into smaller sequences and try and resync each sequence.  My material was originally analog from a Hi8 camera.  I did try a recapture of the original tapes, but there a bit deterioated and so my earlier DVD seems to be a better source.

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                killebrewj Level 1

                The media browser in premiere cs5 handles vob files poorly. I was really disappointed because if this new feature worked properly, my entire workflow would be within premiere. Most of the time i find that one or more have been truncated by premiere to only a the first few minutes as if it had trouble reading the rest of the file. And then there is the issue of having to reconnect the 2GB segments back together for a long clip.


                Instead, ever since CS3 I've been using DVD Decrypter in IFO mode to demux the entire video and audio streams to separate mpeg2 and ac3/wav files, then import the those into premeire. I usually have to offset the audio by a few frames to correct minor OOS issues in the source material, not caused by the process of extracting the contents of the dvd. This has worked perfectly for a weekly production for 2 years now.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  DVD VOB Import was added to CS4.2. With 100% DVD-compliant VOB's, it works well. Now, what it does not do is span multiple VOB's. Those have to be assembled in the Timeline. The VOB's contain MPEG-2's up to ~ 1 GB in size, and there can be many VOB's, up to the capacity of the disc, and depending on how many MPEG-2 streams there are, but none can exceed that VOB size limit. Usually, one will have up to 4 VOB's, where the first also has any Menus and navigation, and the rest will be just the MPEG-2 streams.


                  With non 100% DVD-compliant VOB's, all bets are off.


                  Good luck,



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                    Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I have no problem with any quality software produced DVD's, it is those home produced (in my case high school football game) videos that are not created on real name brand software that give you the headaches..

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      You are so correct. Also, many folk will use DVR-type devices, say a VHS to DVD deck, and those can cause all sorts of issues. Most add some rudimentary menuing and navigation, and that often renders the first VOB unusable by PrPro, or PrE (got VOB Import maybe a year, or two, ahead of PrPro). With those, ripping is about the only way around the problems. Many use the above-mentioned software, DVD-Decrypter, and say that it works well. I have never used it, so cannot comment.


                      To date, I have not heard of even a single instance, where an Adobe Encore authored DVD did not Import properly. The same for any DVD's done through PrElements. Other programs, or equipment, and there is no telling, other than to try and see what happens.


                      Good luck,




                      PS - for similar issues, to what you outline, I have a VHS to DVD deck that is hooked to my A-D bridge. Though we already have digital, I just go that route and do the capture to DV-AVI, for Import Obviously, I have no device control, so must have the mouse in one hand, and the deck's remote in the other.

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                        Hello All-


                        I am trying to import VOB files in to PPRO CS5...it comes in nicely, but only about 30 seconds of the original file make it in. EXAMPLE: One file is 941MB...when i bring it up int he preview or on on to the timeline, 30 second is all that is available. Is there some sort of ingest setting that needs to be changed(kind of like when you import still images, there is a setting for default duration)? The weird thing is that I did two files and one comes in at like 31 seconds and the other is just over 32...very strange. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Judd

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          There are several articles, linked above, with some details on VOB files. Did anything in those prove helpful?


                          Also, can you tell us about the authoring and production of the DVD, from which you have Imported the VOB files? Might well be a clue in that info.


                          Good luck,



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                            SPOTSWEET Level 1

                            Thanks Bill...Actually I hadn't followed any of the Adobe links only because the folks posting weren't using CS5.


                            As far as the origination of the DVD-there is an issue when inserting the disc into the player. There is obviously some title menu information missing because it is a struggle to get the DVD to play without having to search for the title you wish to play, then clicking on it. We actually ran the VOB file through a ripping program and all it found to rip was...you guessed it...30 or so seconds. Looks like we have us a clear cut case of SISO...$^%& in...- well you get the picture.


                            I did try another DVD that I authored and it worked perfectly, so that has to be it. Now my problem is what to tell the customer to do differently in order to get a 'complete' DVD with all necessary files present.


                            Oh yes-Happy Holidays!


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                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                              You might want to give it a go with another ripper - some are better than others. Seems that I linked to Jeff Bellune's Encore FAQ in one of those articles, and he mentions a few rippers, if memory serves me correctly. Here's the direct link to that FAQ Entry.


                              Good luck, and thanks for reporting.



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                                kpcasey1 Level 1

                                Spotweet, I just came across the same issue as you.


                                (Win7/64, Premiere CS5)


                                I had a 58min VOB file (from an external source that I have no control over its DVD creation) that I need to include in a project. You use what you're given, right? However, in both the Win7 File Explorer and Premiere CS5, it displays as only 16 seconds long, but about 580MB.


                                I need to extract 3 different clips from it to include in the project I'm working on. Here's the weird thing... Winows Media Player plays the whole 58 min. without a problem. *huh?*


                                Let's see what AE5 sees... I load it up, and import the VOB file, set the Comp setting to 1 hour, drag it over to the Comp... and ... it only appears the first 16 sec are "available" on the timeline with the rest of the time "greyed out". I drag the out point from 16 sec all the way to 1 hour... and VIOLA. I have my full and complete VOB available. So using AE, I exported the 3 segments I needed.


                                I don't know if this is a WIN7 problem or an Adobe problem. I'm going to side with both. Win7 file manager also shows it as "Time: 00:16", but it plays fully in Windows Media Player.


                                Weird, but it's a "fix".



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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                                  It is most likely an issue with the first VOB in the DVD. That first VOB will have the full Menu structure, plus any Motion Assets for the Menus, all navigation, and might have a segment of the MPEG-2, if the navigation does not take up the entire ~ 1 GB of space in the first VOB. The rest of the MPEG-2 will span the other VOB's. If the DVD is 100% DVD-compliant, PrPro should be able to differentiate where the navigational info, Menus, etc., ends, and then be able to see the spanned MPEG-2. If there is any non-standard navigational info, then all bets are off.


                                  Using AE and then "extending" the MPEG-2 is a great workaround, and will very likely helps others in the future. Thanks for sharing that. I, and probably most others would have taken the Comp at face-value and given up. Not anymore, thanks to your experiment and observation.