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    Wordpress, MAMP, and Dreamweaver CS5


      After searching thru many tutorials and forum comments, I think I stumbled onto a configuration that allows me to edit my pre-existing Wordpress site in Dreamweaver CS5.  This setup allows me to reconcile the dynamic files, preview in live view, and access the PHP and CSS files associated with the site. I won't go into detail but outline the major outcomes. Hopefully this info will help others.


      I installed MAMP on my hard drive and created a MySql database specifically for the testing site, then:
          *Used PHPAdmin to create a user and password   
          *Used PHPAdmin to import my tables from a backup file (backup.sql) from the remote server
          *used PHPAdmin to change the "site url" and "home" tables to point to the MAMP installation   
           *changed the wp-config.php file in the MAMP installation to access to the MAMP database


      In Dreamweaver The Site Setup dialog box has two servers:
          *A remote server, www.yourdomain.com, connected by FTP
          *A Testing server, in the MAMP folder, local connection (http://localhost/yoursite/)


      In Dreamweaver there is a Database Panel found under the menu Window/databases
          *Opening the index.php file from the testing installation allow you to create a MySQL connection using the user, password, etc from the Testing server's db.


      Once finished, I ended up with three copies of the Wordpress files with two of them installed on different servers.
          *One on the Testing Server that I set up in MAMP
          *A public one on the Remote Server run by my service provider
          *A local one on my hard drive


      I mostly used these webpages to figure this out:



      I wonder though,

      Is this is the proper way to work with Wordpress in CS5?


      Wouldn't I have to export the testing servers' .sql document back to my remote db in order to replace the old site with my newly developed site?


      The second site I tried this on I didn't change the Site URL and Home tables on the testing server's db. Dreamweaver displays the remote URL in the address field rather than local. Is that a problem? I'm worried how my links will be effected if the database is pointing in the wrong direction


      Because I changed the wp-config file on the testing server I shouldn't back that file up to the remote server, correct?


      Any thoughts on these issues would be appreciated.