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    No serial number for FB4 -- help!


      So, I've spoken to 5 (...andddd now.... 6) adobe phone reps and wasted just about an entire day on this issue, so please forgive my tone if there is one.


      -I own CS4 Web Premium (which I've been told by everyone -- my boss, forum posts, all 6 phone reps --  that it comes with Flash Builder 4 separately, if I choose to install it)

      -There is only a CS4 download on the licensing website (no FB4) so I installed the trial (which has since expired)

      -I enter my CS4 Web Premium serial and it doesn't work: "This serial number is not valid for this product."

      -I have tried reinstalling the software and entering the serial with the install and get the same error.


      I've spoken to every adobe phone support dept. there is including sales and no one can help me. 


      In the past ( a few weeks ago ) there was a form I could have used to request a FB4 serial number if I owned CS4 : https://freeriatools.adobe.com/cs/


      But now, going to that website redirects to CS5's homepage (which ships with FB4 in the installer). 


      The latest phone support person told me she will be escalating my case and that they will be in touch by email. 


      I'm about to just find a Flash Builder 4 serial number online someplace just so I can get some work done today.  Which I'm sure will cause all sorts of problems when I go to reinstall with my rightful serial number, but I can't just sit here twiddling my thumbs any longer.


      Does anyone out there have any idea what I'm to do?  Does Flash Builder 4 _really_ come with CS4?  If it does, I'm not going to buy it another copy if I already own a license just to obtain a serial number.  But if someone from adobe can tell me it doesn't, I'm sure my boss will be happy to purchase it. 


      Someone give my an effin serial number!(#!(#!()#!()#*!)(()#!  ha.

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          arshorten Adobe Employee



          I'm sorry that you weren't able to get a clear answer to your question via our support channels.


          We ran a time-limited special offer that provided purchasers of Web Premium CS4 with an opportunity to get a license for Flash Builder 4 Standard. With the release of CS5 the existing Web Premium CS4 offer expired, hence why the site you referenced is no longer accessible.


          Even though you are outside the offer redemption period, we will provide you with a license key for Flash Builder 4 Standard. Please email me (shorten at adobe.com) with your CS4 serial number and I'll forward you a serial that will work for Flash Builder.




          Andrew Shorten

          Senior Product Manager, Flash Builder

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            mynormalnamesarenotavail Level 1

            Andrew-- I just sent you an email using the email address on my account and included the CS4 serials.   Let me know if you don't receive.  Thanks for the quick response! 

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              I know that this is well outside the time-limited special offer but was wondering if it would be possible to get a serial number for Flash Builder CS4 as we have Web Premium CS4.


              Thank you in advance.


              Best Regards


              Gary Coutts