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    CS5 and SourceSafe




      I currently use Dreamweaver CS4 and am demoing Dreamweaver CS5. I noticed that SourceSafe support is now listed as "deprecated" in CS5. Typically when a feature is deprecated, it is still available but is planned to be removed in the future, however I cannot find anyway to configure and use SourceSafe with CS5.


      Is it possible to use SourceSafe with CS5?


      Thank you.

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          I am having a similar problem with another SCM system. What I have found:


          If you have a site created in and older Dreamweaver version - export it from CS4, import to CS5, and the connection info should remain.


          If you are creating a new site in CS5 - create a site and export it, export a site with a working SCM connection, open both files in a text editor, copy and paste the "remote info" (CS4) or "serverlist" (CS5) from the working file to the new one, save and import with CS5.


          I wish I could get some info on how to get Source Control systems to show up as a Remote option like in CS4! (If you find out anything else about this, please let me know!)

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            Tssajos Level 1

            Thanks for your reply but unfortunately this didn't work for me. After importing, the Check In and Out links are enabled but if I click on one, I am told "Before using this feature, you must define a remote server. Would you like to define one now?" After that, if I configure a remote server or not, the Check In and Out links are disabled and there is no way to configure SourceSafe.

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              123supergills6390 Level 1

              forgot to mention - do you have the ssplugin.dll file in the "Adobe Dreamweaver CS5\en_US\Configuration\SourceControl" folder?

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                Tssajos Level 1

                Once I added the ssplugin.dll to the suggested folder and imported the site as you suggested, it worked! Thanks for your help. How did you ever figure that out


                Still not the ideal solution as you can't configure it through the GUI but at least it works.

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                  123supergills6390 Level 1

                  yes, far from ideal!

                  i am looking for a way to be able to configure through the GUI, but not having much success

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                    I am in a similar situation. I installed CS5, and all of my sites were automatically migrated. However, sites attached to Visual Source Safe will not connect. Where can I find this ssplugin.dll was mentioned so I can copy it into the plugins folder?

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                      123supergills6390 Level 1

                      you should be able to find it in the configuration/source control folder of your cs4 installation