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    Problem getting bg image to show after integrating Web Gallery in page




      I'm new to Dreamweaver this year just coming over from the bad guys. I was looking to create a web gallery for my client when I came across a great article by David Powers that really worked well and made it pretty simple. (see here)




      The only problem I'm having is I want to use the background on the page I've created and not use a background color. In both CS4 & 5 The Bridge doesn't give you an option that I could find to insert background image which would have solved everything. Seeing as I'm inserting one page using iforms makes it a bit complicated and I've tried for a couple days but I can't figure it out. I'm more a designer then coder and when it gets to this part I hate it.


      The behind the scenes page can be found here. I"m not sure why its showing white but in theory that shouldn't matter as the colours in the bottom I want replaced with my backround image the same as in 'trimworks'.




      This is my first posting.


      I've done as much reading on css and figuring out how to do the web gallary I've run out of time!


      Thanks in advance,