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    Can't draw AP Divs


      The page I'm working on in CS4 is a mess for some reason.  I haven't created templates because they get all screwy, headers disappear, etc.  I'm just not that proficient at this.  So I've been "saving as" the page I've just worked on and created another by working over the old one.  The insert AP Div option won't allow me to insert a new AP div.  I've been copying and pasting a Div from another file that seems to work, then I tinker around trying to position it properly ... some of the Ap Divs are bordered in blue, those seem to be the good guys, the ones bordered in yellow are the weirdos. The whole thing has devolved into a nightmare and shouldn't work like this.  I've uploaded my mess to www.globalpowerofliteracy.org.  The problem page is "Triumph & Endeavors."  Actually, I'm sure the whole website is deeply flawed, the course I took in Dreamweaver wasn't nearly as thorough as it was expensive.  Thanks for your help.  James