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    Low image quality, strange playing behavior of Encore CS5-authored DVD

    Dimitri Vorontzov Level 1

      Hello Forum.


      looks like I'm becoming a frequent visitor here! Could do with a little more help.


      A no-menu DVD I tired to make yesterday is shown plays in rather low quality. Also, it starts from about a minute into the movie, even though no chapters have been set (I have to rewind to see the beginning), and for the first split second it shows something that looks like 1 or 2 frames of 3/4 video that immediately stretches out to something that looks like 16/9 with dark left and right margins of about 7 pixels.


      My workflow was this:


      I exported the untranscoded footage into Encore, set up the First play to the Timeline and End action to Stop, tried to render but the render option was grayed-out, previewed the DVD in Encore (the preview looked fine) and then clicked Build.


      My questions are:


      1. How to make it work and --


      2. What can I do for the maximum high quality of the DVD in Encore? (My client told me he saw someone making a 20 min DVD in full HD quality. Anyone knows how this can be done?)