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    Opening photos from Lightroom into Camera Raw?

    princesskarlotta Level 1



      I have a little problem since I upgraded to CS4.


      I used to open my (RAW) photos from Lightroom (2) into Camera Raw - it did it automatically when I clicked "edit in photoshop". Now it doesn't work anymore, and I have no idea why - it opens the pictures directly into Photoshop. I was told in the Lightroom forum that it's a functionality that was changed in CS4 and that I wouldn't be able to get to Camera Raw from Lightroom anymore.


      However, I really liked my old workflow Lightroom > Camera Raw > Photoshop, and I much prefer CR's interface, so if anybody's got an idea on how to fix this, or get it to work again, it would be really great.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.