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    E-mail link to a PDF generates a "Navigation Canceled" page in IE7.


      My company recently started using a web-based company for estimates. The company sends their reports as a PDF which is available through an e-mail link that opens the report in a browser window. This was working fine until around a month ago, but now the link generates a "Navigation Canceled" page in Internet explorer.


      The users having the problem are running IE7 and Adobe reader 6.0.1 on WindowsXP machines.


      On my machine I am running IE7 and Adobe reader 7 on WindowsXP. I am able to click the link and the PDF opens without a problem. I downgraded to Adobe reader 6.0.1 tested the link and it gives me the same problem. When I reinstalled Adobe reader 7 the problem was resolved.


      The users having the issue do not have the option of upgrading past Adobe reader 6 at this time due to compatibility with some of our other software.


      Through testing I have eliminated Firewalls, Internet restrictions, intrusion software, Anti-virus and IE security settings. The behavior persists with the website being added to Trusted Sites and all firewall and anti-virus software being disabled.


      It seems as though a recent windows update may have changed the way IE handles the file with Adobe 6. I have searched online for weeks but have not been able to find a solution. The only things I have been able to find so far as a cause for the "Navigation Canceled" page is spyware or sites trying to change zones in IE while protected mode is enabled. The problem exists on multiple machines including test hardware, so spyware is not the cause, and Protected mode is a Windows Vista feature.


      Any input would be appreciated.