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    All of a sudden fl.containers vanished?

      All of a sudden after a couple of changes to .fla (mind you the fla is the first file) and no changes in the .as file (some script for the .fla in there) compiler started complaining about "fl.containers.*" not being found. Here are error messages related to that:

      1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: UILoader.
      1180: Call to a possibly undefined method UILoader.
      1172: Definition fl.containers could not be found.

      Top of the .as file has this:
      import fl.containers.*;

      on which it complain with that last error 1172. What the heck happened?

      The changes I mentioned are not related to the UI loader at all. Just deleted a couple of unneeded layers and created a couple of new ones with some animation in there.

      Please help ASAP!