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    AutoCAD PDF to Illustrator Glitch

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      Working with extremely complex AutoCAD drawings for master planning.  Files are too heavy to be opened directly in Illustrator as dwg's.  As a workaround, we zoom into a critical view in ACAD paperspace and print PDF from AutoCAD--then open the PDF in Illustrator for graphic edits.



      Once opened in Ai, we continue to find individual drawing entities have been automatically grouped or combined into compound shapes.  These groupings seem entirely arbitrary and inconsistent.  You can see above (Ai screenshot) that a piece of text and the door swing line (which were on separate layers in AutoCAD) have been wrongly converted into a compound shape.  All other text entities have been combined with each other (and no other non-text entities).  This is equally problematic when the automatically grouped/combined entities are coming from the same AutoCAD layer.


      Anyone know how to adjust the conversion process so that no compound shapes or groups are wrongly generated?

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          You're printing, what else needs saying? Printing to PDF favors appearance. This is neither a glitch nor a bug as you put it, it's just how it works. If you wanted to find fault with anything, it would have to be AutoCAD's printing function, but equally, for printing the overall structural context of a document is not really relevant, is it (assuming that only the drawing order of the lines on the paper matters)? So more or less it's simply you looking for a solution that doesn't exist for quite logical reasons. You will have to buy one of those dedicated  PDF export plug-ins for ACAD that retain layers and all that....